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7th September 2007

I was right. Argentina won 17-12. Although they were playing with fire at the end. The french really can be dangerous at the death.

12th September 2007

England looked really bad during this game. We really should have beaten them by an awful lot more points. I was talking to a group of USA fans afterwards who agreed that we really should have been beating them by about 60 points at half time. Although given their performance against tonga today the usa may not be all that bad

12th September 2007

Well that was an exciting game. Japan were really quite good and pushed Fiji very hard. The Fijians could have been their own worse enemy at the end there. They had at least 2 chances to kick to touch which they missed.

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12th September 2007

A better game in the second half.  Italy should have done better though.


14th September 2007

Well that was crap. England looked better but had no penetration. Hopefully jason robinson isnt to badly injured. The south africans looked really good although they only scored from broken play.
the atmosphere at the ground was really good. The stadium is very impressive.

21st September 2007

Caught the last 20 minutes of this game in a bar full of french supporters. France looked awesome. Obviously the loss to Argentina was the kick in the arse they needed.

Missed the start since I was having a really nice dinner. Post to follow about that.

Yet to find hordes of England supporters. Perhaps they are all turning up tommorrow.

22nd September 2007

Quite a flattering result in the end. We didnt look that good in the second half. Some good tries but otherwise we looked a bit crap really.

30th September 2007

So the states lost by a lot but attacked a lot more than england did against the south africans. South africa still look awesome. They really do have a chance of winning the title this time round.

6th October 2007

Woo! We won. Exciting finish. We looked good for once. The aussies scrum was under pressure all match. They wouldnt have been able to contain new zealand in the next round. So they may as well lose this round. Makes the England tournament respectable even if we go out next week.

6th October 2007

Another shock win today. Allez le blues. Makes our semi easier. Very tense match at the end. The french in the bar are very happy. As some frenchman told me after the loss to argentina "to be champions we will have to beat new zealand" just they had to do it in the quarters and they have. The country may almost forgive for losing against argenrtina now. South africa now have the best chance of winning the world cup.

7th October 2007

Got distracted by getting back to the station for our train to Arles. South Africa won convincingly in the end but Fiji certainly gave them a fright. The two tries to draw level were fantastic and they were down a man at the time.

7th October 2007

Scotland came close at the end there. The kick was probably the wrong choice. At least it made sure all 4 quarter-finals were exciting and tense to the end. Roll on the semis.