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7th September 2007

Thomas Castaign├Ęde just predicted France to win by 10. Argentina will push France quite hard. I actually think Argentina will win but it will be close.

12th September 2007

A 30 point win by Fiji. Japan may score a try or two.

While Fiji are never that great at the 15 man version of the game they should be able to beat Japan easily. Even with their ringers.

12th September 2007

Italy should be good enough these days to beat Romania but given some of the other matches so far this tournament i don't know.  I predict a 20 point win for Italy.

14th September 2007

Made it to paris on the eurostar. Finally found my hotel. Sitting at a cafe outside the gare du nord. Having a beer while waiting for dad.
England are going to get thumped i think. That or we sneak by it by 2 points.

21st September 2007

Currently sitting on a TGV between Paris and Nantes. Its really quite full. I was lucky on the eurostar as I got 2 seats to myself. The connection across Paris was a bit close. It is probably worth prebuying your Metro tickets at the eurostar terminal in london and knowing which metro line you want. In this case line 4 "the pink one" between Gare du Nord and Montparnasse. The walk from the tube to the train is quite long.
Hopefully i can find somewhere to watch tonights crunch match between France and Ireland. I suspect France will win.

22nd September 2007

Just made it in time for the match. Trams rock. England to win by about 5

6th October 2007

Very sunny in Marseille. This is not good for England. So I suspect we will lose. I think Australia will win by 20. If they dont we will win by about 3

6th October 2007

New zealand by lots i suspect. In a bar in Arles watching it. Had tartare du chef with bulls meat for dinner. Raw egg and all.

7th October 2007

Given last nights results im tempted to predict a Fijian win. However South Africa have looked the form team in the tournament and this match matters. So I think they will win by 30.

7th October 2007

A win by 20 points for Argentina. Scotland may stifle them but they should still win

13th October 2007

The atmosphere is great here. England to win by 3. It will be a close low scoring game.

19th October 2007

Argentina to win. Im so pissed while doing a circle line pub crawl.

20th October 2007

So somehow England have made it to the final. South Africa have looked good all tournament. This wont be the beating we got in the pool matches but I still think were going to lose. It will be close though. I think South Africa by  5.

Although ideally our forwards step up again and we win by 3 points or so. :)