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7th September 2007

So France are in trouble at half time. France 9-17 Argentina. They havent looked that good as well. Although dad thinks they both look better than England.

12th September 2007

I might be wrong here. Although japan may tire yet.

Im also intrigued by the fijians number 8 at the scrum. He seems to be holding onto his locks and leaning back then pushing forward when they engage. Perhaps it adds to their shove.

12th September 2007

Quite dull so far especially when compared to the previous game. Italy look the better side but arnt making the best use of their possession.

14th September 2007

Well thats not going well. When it was still 10 - 0 we had a chance. That last try was a killer blow I suspect. Although we didnt look as bad as last week and they have only really scored from broken play.

22nd September 2007

Well England look a lot better. Weak at times but in attack we almost look like a real team again. I think Wilkinson really helps if nothing else we can bore them to death with penalties now and some decent line kicking.

30th September 2007

Good try by the USA at the end of the half. They are certainly showing more flair than england did against south africa. I suspect south africa are going to score a lot of points in the second half.
Good atmosphere at the match. the train journey was long so it best be a good match.

6th October 2007

We actually played quite well for once. We look like a ruigby team this week. We are unlucky to be trailing. Then again with the one chance australia had they scored a try. Weve had several decent chances but havent made full use of them.